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Lawn Care and Maintenance

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4 Tips To Care For Your Lawn

  Everyone wants that green, lush grass in their yard, but did you know that there are times and things [...]

4 Mowing Tips For a Healthy Lawn

Lawn maintenance can be strenuous. In order to get a healthy lawn, you have to incorporate several aspects of lawn [...]

How To Recognize Voles In Your Yard

Voles Creating Havoc in Your Yard? If you spend time and money caring for your yard, it can be incredibly [...]

Prevent and Control Vole Problems in Your Yard

Once you have determined you are dealing with a vole problem there are a few things you should do right [...]

5 Fall Facts For a Great Lawn Next Spring

Keep up With Yard Work. Your grass keeps growing, even as the colder weather starts to set in. Continue to mow [...]

Lawn Diseases We Commonly See In Eastern Idaho

In Eastern Idaho, we see several lawn diseases that are common to the area.  Lawn disease can cause short term [...]

Aeration 101

What is thatch? When pieces of your lawn die, the grass withers up and gathers above the soil. These patches [...]

Watering During Fall – When & Why

When Do I Need to Water During Fall in Idaho? As fall sets in and the cooler temperatures take over, [...]

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